Laboratory for Molecular Medicine

The Harvard-affiliated Laboratory for Molecular Medicine (LMM) is a CLIA-certified molecular diagnostic laboratory operating within the Partners Healthcare Center for Personalized Genetic Medicine (PCPGM).

The mission of the LMM is to bridge the gap between research and clinical medicine, translating novel discoveries into cutting-edge tests and accelerating the adoption of new molecular tests into clinical care.

The LMM is in a unique position to accomplish this by virtue of its two primary assets: access to the cutting edge technologies of the PCPGM, and access to prominent researchers and physicians within the Harvard Medical School and Partners Healthcare systems, who will provide the breakthroughs leading to next generation diagnostics. Our major areas of focus are cardiovascular diseases and syndromes, cancer, and hearing loss.


Brand new, just released.... the LMM is now offering our Clinical Genome Sequencing Service. Learn more about our test, and check us out in the Boston Globe.
Testing with the Next Generation... brand new launch of our 57 gene Pulmogene Panel test for respiratory diseases. Still offering a 71 gene OtoGenome Test for Hearing Loss. As well as updated panels of tests for inherited cardiomyopathies and an expanded Noonan Spectrum Panel! Click to learn more about these expanded panels.

PLEASE NOTE: Our requisition forms have changed. Please click here for the latest version.