Giving Opportunities

The Partners HealthCare Center for Personalized Genetic Medicine (PCPGM) is helping to influence the widespread adoption of the premises and practices of personalized medicine. Its distinguishing features - core services for researchers and physicians, a CLIA-certified Laboratory for Molecular Medicine that develops and offers novel genetic tests in defined disease areas, a robust IT program that provides infrastructure for analyzing and using data in the research and clinical settings, and an education program that advances the use of genetic and genomic knowledge in caring for patients – ensure that the potential and promise of personalized medicine will be advanced.

For those who suffer from cancer, heart, neurological and other diseases, PCPGM helps to build new capabilities for finely tuned diagnoses and more effective, targeted therapies with fewer adverse reactions. At the same time, PCPGM helps to further the understanding of the origin and progression of diseases and in developing new means of prevention for these diseases.

The challenge ahead is daunting but extraordinarily exciting. Philanthropic contributions will help PCPGM realize the full potential of its work. Support may be directed to any of PCPGM’s areas of activity, such as furthering the work of genetic test development, or building the IT capability to enable physicians to be able to access and use the most current genetic information in the care of their patients, or in the training of medical geneticists whose work will be at the forefront of research and patient care. There are many such possibilities. We invite you to explore how you can help and encourage you to contact us.


Alfred A. Blum, Jr.

Chief Development Officer

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Janice Larson

Development Associate

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