Mission and History

The mission of the Partners HealthCare Center for Personalized Genetic Medicine is to utilize genetics and genomics to improve the care of patients through the promotion and implementation of personalized medicine in caring for patients throughout the Partners HealthCare System and in healthcare nationally and globally.

Harvard Medical School (HMS) and Partners HealthCare System (PHS) established the Harvard-Partners Center for Genetics and Genomics (HPCGG) in 2001. The Center was launched in recognition of the excitement of the Human Genome Project and as an early commitment to the importance that genetic and genomic knowledge would play in human health. HPCGG offered a framework for aiding genetic discovery, stimulating research that would lead to the integration of genetic knowledge into patient care, developing an information infrastructure that would facilitate the application of genetic and genomic data in research and clinical settings, applying genetic discoveries and technological advances in the development of molecular diagnostic tests that could be used in everyday medical practice, and building an education program that would expand the number of clinicians and investigators trained in genetics and genomics.

In late 2008 the name of the Center was changed to its current one to reflect a heightened focus on translational issues related to moving genetics and genomics into clinical practice. Previous direct discovery components were moved out of the Center and into affiliated academic medical centers. The name change also affirms Partners HealthCare's emphasis on personalized medicine.