Biorepository Services

The Partners Center for Personalized Genetic Medicine is committed to providing the research community with high-quality, affordable samples. We offer the following services:

Consented blood samples (Partners HealthCare Biobank)

The Partners Biobank provides banked samples (plasma, serum, and DNA) collected from consented patients. These samples are available for distribution to Partners investigators with required approval from the Partners Institutional Review board (IRB). They are linked to phenotypic data stored in the Research Patient Data Repository (RPDR), as well as some additional health information collected by our team. To date, more than 10,000 patients have consented at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH).

Prospective sample collection (Crimson)

Through its affiliation with the Crimson Cores maintained in the BWH and MGH Pathology Departments, the Partners Biobank provides investigators with de-identified blood samples, discarded after clinical testing. These samples may be collected based on cohorts of patients that are developed in the Research Patient Data Repository (RPDR). They may also be collected based on clinical test results. Typically, samples are set aside from the clinical sample flow prior to discard, and both the samples and the related data are fully anonymized.

Sample processing services

The BioSample Services Facility (BSF) provides sample handling and preparation resources to investigators in the Partners research community. Our goal is to efficiently and cost-effectively process specimens, enabling the generation of high-quality data via downstream processes.
BSF services include sample selection and related shipment prep to forward samples to off-site labs and facilities, such as the Broad Institute.