Frequently Asked Questions


Is a current IRB number in good standing required before sending samples to the BSF?

Yes. We record this number as part of your study but we are honest brokers providing a service and you are responsible for requesting these services and for appropriate disposition of your samples in compliance with your specific IRB.




How long will the BSF hold my samples in storage?

The BSF as currently constituted is severely limited for expansion of freezer storage capacity. We hold working samples from projects being actively serviced by our other core lab operations. However, in our present situation of limited space we try to hold samples for up to a year but after that we may have to ask you to accept return of your samples storage elsewhere for longer term storage. A future option for location to freezer space as part of the larger Partners Biorepository for Medical Discovery (PBMD - described on this site) may become an option.



May I ship samples to other labs?

Yes. We serve as honest brokers with respect to your IRB requirements so we make no representation about your specific IRB requirements for use of these samples. We will retrieve samples in our freezers and pack them temporarily but you are responsible for costs for ship out either by carriers such as FedEx or by courier. If international shipments are required you are responsible for all customs and DOT - IATA regulations. We will present the samples to you in a pack for final send out.