Please refer to the following pricing chart for BSF Services.

Services Internal Fee:
External Fee:
Non-Partners AMC and Non-profit
External Fee:
For-profit and Industry
DNA Extraction $28 $40.32 $44.52
DNA extraction: 2 tubes $56 $80.64 $89.04

DNA Extraction_SingleTube(5-10ml)_

$36 $51.84 $57.24
DNA Extraction_SingleTube(1-5ml)_
$27 $38.88 $42.93
DNA Extraction- Buffy Coat $40 $57.60 $63.60
DNA Extraction - Frozen Cell Pellet $40 $57.60 $63.60
DNA Extraction - Cell Line from T-75 $101 $145.44 $160.59
DNA Extraction - Saliva $29 $41.76 $46.11
Transformed Lymphoblast Cell Lines_
$100 $145.44 $160.59
Transformed Lymphoblast Cell Lines_2Tubes $190 $275.04 $303.69
Buffy Coat Isolation (DNA/RNA/Protein) $30 $43.20 $47.70
Plasma Isolation $21 $30.24 $33.39
Serum $20 $28.80 $31.80
Plating - Default Master - Deep well 96 $185 $266.40 $294.15
Plating - Working Stock $21 $30.24 $33.39
Growing Up Cell Line - T25 $51 $73.44 $81.09
Growing Up Cell Line - T 75 $65 $93.60 $103.35
Growing Up Cell Line - T175 $70 $100.80 $111.30
Multiple pull of sample vials $2 $2.88 $3.18
Sample Storage per vial $.58 $.84 $.92
ReOD sample per customer request $6 $8.64 $9.54
Tube to Tube aliquotting (Manual) $5 $7.20 $7.95
Ship out charge $15 $21.60 $23.85
RNA Extraction $46 $66.24 $73.14
Picogreen - Plate format $70 $100.80 $111.30


Healthy Volunteer DNA Samples

The Healthy Volunteer DNA samples are available as plate sets and may be purchased as one, two, or three plates (please contact us for special orders). Healthy Volunteer Samples are only available to Partners investigators with current IRB approvals. Each plate is filled with 94 HVS samples and 2 blanks.

Please visit our website ( to find more information about out Next-Gen Sequencing, Genotyping and Microarray Services. 

Effective October 1, 2010 the external user fees of the PCPGM Core will be increasing in order for the core to be in compliance with Partners policy.  It is the policy of Partners that all research core facilities include in their user fees the direct cost of providing the core service, and where applicable, an additional overhead component to recover the costs incurred by both the core and the hospital.  External users are identified as investigators (Partners-affiliated or non-Partners-affiliated) and institutions that use non-Partners funds to pay for research core services including DF/HCC-non-member users of DF/HCC Cores.
Historically, the hospital has been subsidizing the fees charged to external users by charging only the direct cost of providing the core service.  Given the current economic climate this can no longer continue.  Therefore, the FY12 user fees for the PCPGM core are shown on this page.
If you are uncertain about how this policy applies to your project, please contact us and we will assist you in determining if the service costs may apply. All prices are subject to change and regularly updated on an annual basis.