BSF Shipping Instructions

Important Notice

We make courier services available for BSF clients as a convenience should they choose to use them. As the shipper, the client is responsible for compliance with packaging requirements for shipment of blood or diagnostic specimens. Please ensure that your staff shipping samples to us are properly trained and following appropriate saftey protocols for shipping samples.


Local (Boston/Cambridge) delivery of samples to our lab at 65 Landsdowne Street in Cambridge is currently included in the cost of services. Delivery to us outside the standard Boston/Cambridge area is the responsibility of the customer. Samples arriving after 2:00 pm but no later than 5:00 pm on Friday will be accepted but these may not be set for same day processing of any transformations. We are not staffed on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) so please plan your collection/deliveries accordingly.


Sample Ownership

PHS and BSF policy does not permit resale of samples or data in our collection. No samples or data will be made available to entities outside of the designated study team unless explicitly authorized by IRB documentation. All sample history data is viewable only by the BSF staff and the PI or their designees. The PI must authorize designees on the study team in writing. Security for passwords for BSF accounts is the responsibility of the users. 


Samples Delivered to BSF

A complete listing of samples to be delivered to the BSF must be entered into GIGPAD via the order entry process prior to shipment of the specimens. Samples received that are not listed in GIGPAD or otherwise cannot be identified will be delayed for processing and may be returned at the original shipper’s expense.

Whole blood samples for EBV transformation processes should be planned so that they are delivered to the lab no later than 72 hours after being drawn and arrive prior to 2:00 PM on Friday. These samples should be kept at room temperature and never refrigerated.

Please send samples to:

Partners HealthCare Center for Personalized Genetic Medicine

Attn: Biosample Services Facility

65 Landsdowne Street

Room 350

Cambridge, MA 02139

Primary Contact: Lisa Mahanta - 617-768-8443
Secondary Contact: Vance Morgan - 617-768-8518


Request to Ship Samples Out

To request samples be shipped from PCPGM to another location a request must be entered into GIGPAD.