Resources and Services

Awardees are required to use PCPGM services when needed. The PCPGM provides:

  • Partners HealthCare Research Patient Data Registry (RPDR) – Partners-wide clinical database covering all patients seen within Partners HealthCare. Includes Partners-accessible tools to query the database and request cohorts with clinical information, in identified or de-identified form, per an investigator's IRB protocol.
  • Partners HealthCare Biorepository for Medical Discovery (PBMD) - Access to samples in the Partners HealthCare-wide initiative collecting samples from deidentified and consented patients for biomedical research.
  • Crimson Biospecimen Core – Partners-wide core for the prospective collection of discarded samples from the Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital Clinical Laboratories. This core may be utilized to enable high-throughput collection of de-identified DNA samples from subjects in pre-defined cohorts.
  • BioSample Services Facility (BSF) – PCPGM sample handling and preparation core. Services provided include DNA extraction and preparation of materials for genotyping and related analyses, extraction of RNA from whole blood and, if desired, services for transformation of lymphocytes are also available.
  • Genotyping Facility – PCPGM research core that offers a portfolio of methods, including Illumina – using the iSCAN system for Infinium arrays and methylation analysis, Sequenom, TaqMan and TaqMan OpenArrays.
  • DNA Sequencing Facility - PCPGM research core that offers next generation sequencing services on Illumina's Genome Analyzer IIx and HiSeq2000.  Library construction is also available, and the core operates two ABI3730XL Sequence analyzers.
  • Microarray Facility - PCPGM research core that offers a QC test of total RNA by Bioanalyzer 2100, then labeling, hybridization, and scanning of the microarrays and a standard analysis report. Supported platforms are Illumina and Affymetrix. Supported RNA labeling methods are NuGEN, Ambion, and Affymetrix IVT Express.
  • Access to Bioinformatics, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Statistics Support - PCPGM cores assist with extraction of required concepts from clinical RPDR datasets to further develop phenotyping datasets to be used in combination with genotypic and other research data to identify and validate potential markers of interest.