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Inquiries may be addressed to contacts listed below. To view contact information for specific individuals, please refer to the pages in the left-side navigation. To view contact information for faculty, please go to the Faculty page. To view contact information of PCPGM management, please go to the Management page


For questions regarding Clinical Services, please contact the Laboratory for Molecular Medicine (LMM)

Please dial 617-768-8500 or send email to


For questions regarding Research Services, please contact one of our Research Cores

PCPGM Research Core, including BSF, Microarray, Genotyping and NGS sequencing - For all Quotes and Customer Queries please contact Ashley Blau at 617-768-8557.


For questions regarding the Partners Biorepository for Medical Discovery (PBMD)

Please contact Lynn Bry, M.D., Ph.D. at BWH or Patrick Sluss, PH.D. at MGH.


General inquiries may be addressed to one of our two locations below.

77 Avenue Louis Pasteur, Suite 250
Boston, MA 02115
Administrative Assistant – 617-525-4558

65 Landsdowne Street, Suite 338
Cambridge, MA 02139
Administrative Assistant – 617-768-8482