Educational Programs

Partners HealthCare Center for Personalized Genetic Medicine (PCPGM) takes a broad approach to education. In a field that is developing by exponential leaps and bounds, we recognize that education is the key to ensuring that theoretical knowledge and research make the transition into practical, clinical use to benefit individuals and families.

We have developed genetics programs for high school students, undergraduate and graduate students, post-doctoral residents and fellows, as well as for practicing health care professionals. Our aims are:

  • To increase awareness of genetics and its importance in understanding health and disease;
  • to increase the number of future genetics professionals; and
  • to provide health practitioners with the knowledge and skills needed to use genetics in everyday practice.

The abundance of genetic knowledge and advances in technology translate to a continued need for education in genetics with the opportunity for innovative ways of learning. PCPGM is committed to expanding our educational activities to continue to meet the needs of our diverse constituents. To learn more about our genetics education efforts, click the links in the left menu.