Crimson Access

Partners investigators and study staff may request a Crimson user account to help manage studies and collected materials.

More Information

For more information, please contact Natalie Boutin.

The Crimson application was developed by Daedalus Software, with the BWH Pathology department, to facilitate support of research investigations at Partners-affiliated institutions.

Crimson fills a key gap in existing clinical and research systems by tapping into discarded sample streams within Pathology Departments to allow prospective collection of materials for designated research use or to develop retrospective repositories around specific diseases or organ systems.

Crimson’s key capabilities include:

  • Prospective query and collection of samples under an IRB protocol.
  • Management of patient consent status on collected materials.
  • Ability to collect materials on cohorts of consented patient or queries forwarded from the RPDR (Research Patient Data Registry).
  • Ability to receive and process samples submitted from consented patients.
  • Management of downstream processing and testing of materials.
  • Core application from which study users may download sample data and results.