Research Patient Data Registry (RPDR)

RPDR Access

Faculty members may self-register to the RPDR online by going to http://rpdr.

More Information

For questions regarding the RPDR, please contact

On line help for using the RPDR query tool is available from this link or through the "Help" in the top right corner of the query tool.

The Research Patient Data Registry (RPDR) is a centralized clinical data registry, or data warehouse, that enables requests for consented biospecimens. The RPDR gathers data from various hospital legacy systems and stores it in one place. Researchers access this data using an online Query Tool. They may query the RPDR data for aggregate totals and, with proper IRB approval, obtain medical record data.

The RPDR enables queries for consented specimens. Partners investigators may run queries that combine clinical medical record data and specimen data. Once a query is complete, the investigator may run a Specimen Request Wizard to request the specimen. The Request is then fulfilled by the biobank that stores the specimen.

The RPDR brings clinical information to the researcher's fingertips and ensures the security of patient information by controlling and auditing the distribution of patient data within the guidelines of the IRB and with the use of several built-in, automated security measures.