GeneInsight Suite®

The GeneInsight Suite of IT tools have been developed by the PCPGM to address some of the most critical challenges to enabling broad clinical utilization of genetic testing, a key step towards the promise of personalized medicine. These challenges include the need to streamline the clinical testing process, manage the vast amounts of data generated in genetic testing, generate clinically useful interpretations from these data and channel this information efficiently and effectively to clinicians to impact patient care. Many of these challenges are experienced by the laboratories providing genetic testing and interpretative reports and the providers who consume this information and translate it into patient care. GeneInsight® assets have been developed through close collaboration between laboratory technicians, laboratory managers, geneticists, IT developers and practicing physicians to address the distinct yet interrelated needs of laboratories and providers.

Within the PCPGM, GeneInsight has been in continuous clinical use since 2005. It is integrated with our GIGPAD and Bionformatics pipeline infrastructure to provide an end-to-end solution for a molecular diagnostic testing laboratory.

We have registered GeneInsight as a class I exempt medical device with the FDA. It is available for use by other laboratories and providers. More information on GeneInsight can be found here: