Gateway for Integration of Genomic-Proteomic Applications and Data (GIGPAD) is a platform for managing genetic and genomic operations in both clinical and research settings. It enables integrated research and clinical workflows, increasing data integrity across order entry, instruments processing, and bioinformatics pipelines. Hewlett Packard has contributed generously to key aspects of GIGPAD’s development.

GIGPAD manages workflows that involve multiple laboratories and integrates with third party laboratory information management systems (LIMS). Some of GIGPAD’s key functionality includes:

  • Place orders and receive results from multiple laboratories by signing on to a single system
  • View order history with associated raw data files and analysis, which are archived in a secure and backed up repository
  • Access to this information from any location
  • Share information with collaborators quickly and securely
  • Track financials including who placed orders
  • View order status
  • Access study specific sample catalogs in real time for samples stored within the BioSample Services Facility

On the clinical side, GIGPAD provides our Laboratory for Molecular Medicine with:

  • Tools that increase data flow integrity across the testing process, from start of work to case sign-out
  • Case-centric views and tools for technicians and geneticists, as well as, batch centric views for laboratory workflow
  • Knowledge management and reporting infrastructure geared toward supporting the genetic testing process

The system tracks structured genetic and genomic data in a manner that facilitates integration into the electronic medical record (EMR) environment.


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Click here for more information on GIGPAD, including information on how to create a new GIGPAD account and how to troubleshoot an existing account.