Frequently Asked Questions

What is the context of references to vendors within this web site?

Unless specifically stated to the contrary the Partners HealthCare Center for Personalized Genetic Medicine (PCPGM) is not affiliated with any vendors mentioned on this site. The references and links to any external web pages are provided solely as a convenience to PCPGM customers and in no way implies an endorsement of information on those sites or of any vendor or any of its products or services by Partners HealthCare or vice versa.


What are Partners policies for gifts and interactions with vendors?

Partners HealthCare values the services of our vendors and wants to provide the information needed to create ethical and effective working relationships. Effective from October 1, 2009, there is a comprehensive ban on all gifts from vendors to Partners individuals. Partners Individuals may not accept any gifts (including meals and entertainment or funding for meals and entertainment), regardless of value, from pharmaceutical Companies, medical device Companies, or other vendors of Partners. Partners and its Affiliated Corporations also may not accept any gifts (including meals and entertainment or funding for meals and entertainment), regardless of value, from pharmaceutical or medical device Companies or other vendors, of any items for the personal use of staff members, whether provided on a Partners site or off-site. As a result of this policy. More details about the Partners policies for vendors may be found at


What are other activities that require additional review at the Partners level?

All activities requiring a confidentiality agreement or contract documents must be reviewed and approved by the Partners Office of General Council. Quotes and requisitions for purchase orders are subject to review for compliance with Partners Policies by the Partners Materials Management Group and or Partners Purchasing.


Where is PCPGM located?

We are located in Cambridge at Partners HealthCare Center for Personalized Genetic Medicine, 65 Landsdowne St. 3rd floor, Cambridge, MA, 02139-4232.


How may I deliver samples to the facility?

Please contact the appropriate lab manager in advance of sending or bringing any samples. We are happy to have you drop off samples or they may be sent by courier. Accepted formats: Samples requiring dry ice or ice temperatures must be in an appropriate insulated container with the samples appropriately protected inside the shipping container. Samples should be delivered in individual tubes or in appropriately sealed plates inside a plastic bag or grid box.. The plates and tubes must be clearly labeled and the labels resist smudging so that they are easily identified. Please consult the specific instructions from a particular platform group that you are working with.


What is the correct shipping address?

Partners HealthCare Center for Personalized Genetic Medicine

Room 350

Attention-Insert name of contact here

65 Landsdowne Street

Cambridge, MA 02139

Phone: Insert contact phone number here


How is the PCPGM research operation linked with the Laboratory for Molecular Medicine (LMM)?

The LMM and our research operations share common space in 65 Landsdowne Street. Our technology platforms and operations provide technologies supporting the development and testing for the LMM. All activities originating within the LMM for patient related activities are under CLIA guidelines and involve LMM personnel. If you have patient related testing questions, these should be relayed to the LMM.